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G3 Cotton Candy II

Cotton Candy was one of the many pony names from G1 that Hasbro decided to recycle, bringing the name back for G3. She was released with the Cotton Candy Cafe.

She was also released in a 4 pack with Rainbow Swirl, Candy Apple, and Finger Paints in 2005.

Pony StatsEdit

  • Pose: Wysteria Pose
  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: Blue, 'fading pink' and white
  • Eye Colour: Blue and pink with yellow heart symbol
  • Symbol: Pink cotton candy on green stick
  • Hoof Heart: Pink


Cotton Candy symbols

Backcard StoriesEdit

Ponies from all over Ponyville come to the COTTON CANDY CAFE for tea parties and ice cream. There are festive “treats” in store everyday, because COTTON CANDY cooks up a storm. Let's see what’s on the menu today!

Media AppearancesEdit


Cotton Candy in "Charming Birthday".


Cotton Candy (left), Cupcake (middle) and unnamed boy pony (right) in MLP Twinkle Wish Adventure

Animated pony stats

  • Body Colour: Dark pink
  • Hair Colour: Blue, light pink and white
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: White cotton candy on green stick

Cotton Candy has starred in several of the G3 My Little Pony cartoons and DVDs, including A Charming Birthday, Friends Are Never Far Away, A Very Minty Christmas, Pinkie Pie and the Ladybug Jamboree, The Runaway Rainbow with cameo in Meet the Ponies and Twinkle Wish Adventure, in all of which her voice was played by Kelly Sheridan.

Release IEdit


G3 Cotton Candy I

Release IIEdit

Cotton Candy II