Cloud Climber

Cloud Climber


Cloud Climber


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Cloud climber MIB

Cloud Climber Mint in Box

Cloud Climber was released in 2005 as part of the Dream Design Pony set.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Coconut Grove Pose
  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Purple with tinsel
  • Eye Colour: purple
  • Symbol: Raised (3d)pink butterfly
  • Hoof Heart: pink


Backcard StoriesEdit

CLOUD CLIMBER likes to soar so high in the sky, she can even jump over a rainbow! Once she's back on the ground, her favourite treat is a big bowl of chocolate icecream - with rainbow sprinkles!

Media AppearancesEdit


Cloud Climber in "A Very Minty Christmas".

Animated pony Stats

  • Body Colour: Silver
  • Hair Colour: Purple
  • Eye Colour: Navy blue
  • Symbol: Pink butterfly

Cloud Climber starred in A Very Minty Christmas.