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Banjo Blue


Banjo Blue


Banjo Blue Symbol

Came in a 4 pack with Flutterbutter, Princess Peppermint and Tropical Delight. The 4 pack released in 2004 was a Toy's R Us exclusive.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Walking Pose
  • Body Colour: blue
  • Hair Colour: pink and purple
  • Eye Colour: blue
  • Symbol: banjo and musical notes
  • Hoof Heart: blue


Backcard StoriesEdit

Pony toes start tapping whenever BANJO BLUE is around! She's the best banjo player in town, and is always ready to play some fun dancin' tunes. She started to write some songs of her own, too, so she can sing while she plays!

Media AppearancesEdit